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1. The haircut was $18 and she said I thought you wanted to make it a 3 Dollar tip so I said 2$ for 20$ most shops are 14-15 $. So I think 3$ more than other shops for the haircut is enough of a tip

2. Just got a bad haircut from another outfit fixed by Jessica. She did a great job. Just found my new home for a haircut. They work better by appointments in these trying times, so please call ahead!

3. 100% do not recommend this place. My boyfriend went in for a haircut at 2 pm. He was told that they close at 3 and to come back tomorrow. There was only one person there. And my boyfriend’s haircut would have only taken 10 min.

4. I took my teenage son here after the regular place we went to was closed. So glad we went! Great atmosphere and affordable prices. The girl that cut my son’s hair was very attentive to detail. He got the full treatment, hair and beard, she

5. This was a great experience! Made an appointment very quickly, and I was welcomed when I walked in the door. Darlene seemed very experienced, making losing my 18 inch ponytail very comfortable. I love my new style and will be visiting again

6. We have been taking my teenage sons here for well over a year and we love it. The stylists are attentive and friendly and engage the kids while they’re getting their hair cut. My oldest son has Autism and isn’t the best conversationalist

7. I was just there last week, love the place and they are the only ones who can cut my hair short, almost bald. I like Marcey,I believe that’s her name cutting my hair. I’ll keep going back

8. I’m a repeat client and highly recommend them.

Darlene is my stylist and she’s awesome. No one manages my difficult hair as

9. I am very picky about my hair for a guy and these girls always do it right they know how to cut a guy’s hair!

10. Got in and out quick and the girls are awsome … it’s not always easy finding a good spot for mens haircuts … but this is one of those spots😉