McGettigan’s Fulham

Recent Comments on McGettigan’s Fulham

1:I’ve been to this restaurant with my girlfriend some time ago, and I gotta say that I’ll never order food from this place again. Maybe a pint of beer max. The staff and general atmosphere of this place were the only things I enjoyed. The food in comparison to other restaurants I’ve eaten at the same price or even cheaper was a solid 3/10. We’ve waited about 40 minutes for it, even though there wasn’t a lot of other customers, whereas it lacked taste, texture, etc. The prices for the quality of food we received was way too high! I believe that people elevate this place to a higher standard than it really is…

2:Today was the first time to dine-in in this amazing place, the atmosphere, food, staff, prices .. everything is so great, you can also watch sports, enjoy nice music and the portions are big. On Thursday there is 2 for 1 burgers, very nice offer! I had a beef burger with a very nice long island ice tea! Recommend to anyone! The owner put so much effort to make this place absolutely gorgeous! Every detail it’s unique!

3:The bar staff are the best in the world they know what we want but the assistant manager has no clue he as far as I am concerned is a bully to the staff we want the football on the big screen as you walk in the pub but he refuse i would give 5 star but I will give 1 no wonder the staff want to leave because of his attitude to the staff and if this carries on I won’t come I n to your pub any more

4:I went there yesterday to watch a rugby match that was clearly advertised on their site. I asked the bouncer (very friendly guy) who checked and confirmed they would put it on even though the Chelsea game was on. Kickoff was 2. At 2.05, I asked a lady behind the bar to put it on and she said with a smile, “Sorry we are not showing it”. I explained it was on the site and the bouncer said he checked inside as well and that this was not acceptable, she again said sorry, with the same smile. Her manner was unprofessional. I will never come to this pub again.

5:What made this pub bad is the bouncer on the door. Worst of the worst acting big headed. My friend stepped outside for a minute for a phone call. When he wanted to go back in he had a beer in his hand where the bouncer missed and started talking to us in a very rude manner where you got this beer from etc.. we politely said we where inside. I told my friend in Arabic just ignore him and go in. The bouncer turned out to speak Arabic too and he pushed me to the side and grabbed my jacket where he had no right to do that. Started shouting and squaring up to us looking for trouble. I ignored the bouncer and just left the pub as he is not worth our time. Would highly recommend this pub to take better care of who they employ. Will not be going back there ever again.