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1. Got my ear piercing done here a while back with the needle method and the guy was sanitary and friendly. He used gloves and a clean needle. I didn’t get an ear infection so it was a good service
Service: Ear piercing

2. I came here for my nose and septum piercing. Two different ppl gave me two different prices, while waiting I noticed they had forgotten me and saw others get piercings. I felt out of place and left. News flash: these folks do judge on how

3. Critical: Professionalism
I called and spoke to Jerome before driving to the shop and asked are you open then asked what was the price for what I wanted he told me over the phone but upon arrival he told me a different price…in my judgment he goes off how you look you get the better price… advice stay away if you a little dark and there’s no parking

4. TRASHHHH they are soo disrespectful. I called and said that i was coming and when i arrived they said i had to wait two hours because the Piercer is doing a tattoo. Supposedly the man said I spoke to his boss and when i walked in he said the boss was busy doing a tattoo.
Service: Piercings

5. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
Jerome did 2 small forearm tattoos for me last December, they were very detailed. He did fantastic work and was such a pleasure during the whole process.
Service: Tattoos

6. I got a tragus piercing. Jerome was great. He sterilized everything in front of me. He made sure my piercing was perfect. Overall a very pleasant experience.

7. Jerry did my tattoo and I’m pleased with his work. The place could be cleaner. However, for the work area-he did sanitize it and open everything new in front of me. He’s a nice guy does clean work. Reasonably priced. I will go back in the future.

8. Avoid at all costs!

See attached pictures for what I wanted vs. what I got.

9. I LOVE MY TATTOO ARTIST RABBIT (RALPH)!!! 😁😁 He always does all my work! His coloring is amazing & he always takes the time to work with you. I always get compliments on my tattoos that rabbit does. The place is clean & he is very professional. I would recommend Rabbit to anyone looking to get some serious INK!!

10. I just got a tattoo done on my ankle with Jerome and he’s honestly one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. He was so caring and patient considering this was my first tattoo and I was still indecisive about the little details. My sister also