Maria’s Peluqueria & Barbershop

Recent Comments Maria’s Peluqueria & Barbershop:

1. Great customer service, I use to drive to LA. For hair cut don’t any more they meet my expectations.

2. Great Service during Covid .
They took all necessary precautions.
My Daughters hair came out Beautiful !
@ a great price of 20$

3. Great haircuts and reasonable prices. Clean shop.

4. Very clean and well maintained establishment with very curt and friendly personnel. These stylists are professionals and although I cannot testify on their ability with women’s hair for men they do an excellent job! I’ve been several times

5. Critical: Professionalism, Quality
That picture is what I wanted but I didn’t get. She cut my hair to short and she messed up on the lineup I just wish she wouldn’t have cut it to short.
Service: Haircut

6. Critical: Professionalism
I was told is was going to be 1 hour and 30 min wait when i called , i get there and i waited 2 hour and 30 mins , 1 of the ladies who works there was going to cut my hair then told me the other lady will cut my hair cause she goes by

7. The owner, Maria, is really good at what she does plus she’s respectful.

She’s a had a few independent hairstylists come and go…good thing they left.

8. Critical: Professionalism, Punctuality
I just recently went to get my hair done by The only man working there! He did highlights in my hair and cut my hair! He damaged my hair and totally chopped more hair off then i asked! So i do not recommend this man! You guys need to get rid of this man asap! He is really no good to the shop!

9. Maria is awsome!! shes been cutting my boys hair for years now. She makes sure her clients are happy every time. We recommend her salon to all who want a clean and happy environment.

10. She’s really good in her job, my daughter loves her hair cut.