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1. I have been to this nail salon several times before and have always loved it, they have 100% health score and usually do a very good job with my nails. I went there today and had the worst experience I have ever had at a nail salon. The

2. DO NOT COME TO THIS SALON!!!!!! I’m crying right now from pain, humiliation, and anger. I went in to get a pedicure and was cut severely. A chunk of my toe was carelessly snipped off by a pedicurist that was trying to rush. But that’s not

3. 16 stations for pedicures and loads of nail stations. No appointments accepted so time it accordingly.

4. Best pedicure I have ever had! I was in town for a wedding and came with the bride. I was throughly impressed. Tried to bring him back to Colorado with me!

5. Very Nice people and quick was in and out within an hour!!

6. Way to pricey for the minimum and it’s nothing luxurious about it they don’t even offer complimentary drinks. It’s a very basic nail shop and they charge you for things without making you aware of it until it’s time to pay. I’ve never been charged to have gel removed when I was getting a service.

7. Always top notch service. Great variety of colors and nail appliques. Comfortable setting, never rushed out, but quick to get you finished.

8. Went in for my eyebrows and decided to also get my nails done. The prices were great and the experience was wonderful.
It was busy when I got there but the wait was not long at all. The staff was

9. my first time going here and I believe her name was Macy, she did my pedi, and OMG she did such an amazing job! She executed the shape to the T and i didn’t have to ask! GO HERE TO THIS PLACE YOU GUYS IF YOUR LOOKING FOR A SIGN HERE IT IS

10. Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value
Love my nails. That was my first time going to see the shop. Very nice staff and quick service.
Services: Acrylic nails, Pedicures