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1: Went there for 3 piercings- my first ever piercings. My standard ears and a nose piercing. Ears were fine, but my nose bled for hours. Fell out in a week. Charged 35 alone for the nose. Not happy

2: They were very understanding about a situation regarding guardianship, and they were very kind! It was a quick experience as well!

3: Danielle rocks! Love my tattoo and the color! They made me feel super comfortable and the prices are amazing but the work the work is fabulous! Will totally recommend this place to everyone I know with ink! Thanks Danielle I’ll be back for more!

4: The lady was very rude. She acted like I was an inconvenience for wanting my nose pierced. It was bleeding for 30 minutes. Not even a week later my nose was infected.(I’ve had multiple piercings before and never have had an issue). I would never recommend anyone to go there.

5: Didnt follow mandatory mask mandates, extremely unprofessional, and rude. Got my nose pierced and it bleed for at least 3 hours which didn’t seem to alarm the artist at all, also make sure you bring cash because there are not signs saying they are cash only!