Lakewood City center

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1. I brought in a whole bag full of scrap jewelry which I knew was mostly not real but I did know there were a few pieces in it that I could use. Being embarrassed about bringing in so much, the gentleman that was working there made me feel

2. OFFICE DEPOT had the printer we were looking for, I even had time to read My favorite book.. BUSTED WHEELIN’ N DEALIN’

3. Along your way to route 6 towards Denver there’s a place they say is a mall. Only housing the best little-known franchises. I <3 kickboxing is good for punching things. Office max is well... they print stuff nicely and have office needs. A 4. Great spot, good service. They're normally pretty quiet in the mornings, good for studying👍 5. Close to me, has many stores. And some small restaurants. Great 4 lunch, breakfast. People here actually say hello. I call this place a little piece of heaven. 6. Lots of little shops right in this area good place to get out and spend the day 7. Classes and gloves. How can you beat it? 8. Really nice place 9. OK so there was a Walton Donuts in this center that had the best coffee around it was called dazbog I belive. Well sorry to see it go. But there is still good old little ceaser pizza., atls wine and spirits. And Safeway grocery store the anchor of this shopping center. 10. It's just an easygoing little shopping center all the people are great