Lake Norman Antique Mall

Recent Comments Lake Norman Antique Mall:

1: Staff was very polite and helpful.

2: Love the variety in all the booths and it’s big without being overwhelming…crafts, vintage repurposed, antiques, handmade wood pieces, furniture, you name it. Great place to find home decor, photography props, and gifts

3: Great finds, can spend hours in here looking at the treasures! This large store has different vendors with their own booths, so many different themes and styles to look through. I came by on my lunch hour and couldn’t make it through the whole store. Great place to get gifts and home decor.

4: Full of wonderful collections! An ideal designers resource or even the most professional scavengers. Very good pricing and two locations to shop at.

5: It’s to cold in there they need to turn on so heat that’s probably why when I do go in there there’s nobody else in the store NEED TO TURN HEAT ON ARE UP ITS TO COLD IN THIS PLACE