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1: I’ve heard nothing but good things. But I was at the gas station never door. This is a Google foul up. But yeah, Krypton is straight and there’s some fire work coming out of there right now.

2: Ther women who did my piercings was so nice and talked me though the whole thing. She was kind to my little one which goes a long way with me. I enjoyed the vibe of the place, but I do wish they had sea salt on hand for cleanings and give you information on your piercing like size and when you can change.

3: Just want to tell everyone that I’m a first timer and went to Mikey and he was awesome can’t say anything bad there very professional and very knowledgeable on tattoo s. Thanks so much for everything. May be back in the future for another one. Billy

4: I’ve gotten 4 tattoos done at Kryptic Ink, working on getting my 5th. Not only was the staff always been professional, but they were very accommodating, friendly and down to earth. I was so comfortable there, that I took my daughter there. Kryptic Ink is the only place I will go for any tattoo work.

5: I enjoyed going to this shop. Rondo did my tattoo and it turned out really good. However the piercer that was supposed to do my husband’s daith piercing gave him a rook instead that caused him a lot of pain. And he had to have removed with plyers.