Kingsman Turkish Barber Shop

Recent Comments Kingsman Turkish Barber Shop:

1: First haircut at kingsman and was very pleased with it. Very welcoming staff and great customer service. Will be using them again.

2: Love this place! Great team and I always feel.welcomed! Great shave as well

3: The barbers are great in their customer care, rapport and knowing your needs. Great conversationalist and very knowledgable. Above all the pricing is very reasonable

4: So today I went for a haircut at the Turkish barbers called Kingsman on the Broadway and have to say that it was one of the best I’ve had in a longtime! For all you blokes that have forests growing out of their ears and vines out their noses they do the full shebang, waxing, eyebrow and beard trims! Reasonably priced too!

5: Very good service and they were very professional. I would definitely recommend as this is the best barber shop in the area by a mile.