Kings Wings

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1 : everyone was nice, cajun fries and hulk juice was very good. however, i didn’t like the mild sauce on my hot wings. reminded me of marinara sauce.

2 : It’s a little hole in the wall restaurant that honestly if we weren’t local I wouldn’t stop at but looks can be deceiving because the food is always fresh, fast and delicious! My husband loves the wings and I love the shrimp in buffalo sauce!

3 : choose to give this place 1 star because as long as I can remember this place had been good to me. My boyfriend however this evening decided to go and order 2 , 6 piece combos from them, they charged me 34$ I understand I got cheese fries as well, but you see the menu says 8.99 for a combo. So I called them and ask to speak to the manager. He was calm but explained to me the prices were raised to 13.99??? So we’re paying 14$ for 6 piece combos now ??? I go to Forestdale usually, so I was unaware of this “price change” . They didn’t offer me anything except “I’m sorry ma’am”. So if you wanna pay 40$ for 2, 6 piece combos be my guest but I know where I won’t be going back to. Congratulations Bessemer Kings Wings, you have lost a loyal customer

4 : The locals recommended Kings Wings. I was not disappointed. Oh my GOD, the honey mustard/lemon pepper wings were delicious. The catfish was fried just right. The cajun and ranch fries were like nothing I’ve ever tried. I had enough food for 2 days. Well spent money on our vacation!

5 : My livers were cooked fresh even though it was 30 mins before closing time. Their juice is the bomb. Love going here.