King’s Cut

Recent Comments King’s Cut:
  1. David (one of the barbers) was exceptional at listening to instructions and had implemented them thoroughly. It’s a very busy spot, would recommend calling-in for a time slot reservation.
  2. Best barber in town, been going there forever, and that’s not changing at any time. Highly recommend, very skilled barbers all around!
  3. I went there and they ruined my hair never wanna go there again. This place is horrible please do not go here they mess up your hair and they all cough on you because there sick. The floor is dirty and everything about the place is dirty. PLEASE DO NOT GO HEAR WORST PLACE IN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Best barber ever! They cut hair, wax ears, nose and cheeks and trim eyebrows. And then wash and put gel and after shave cologne. A service like this would cost a lot more anywhere else. Everyone always compliments how clean and neat my haircut is after I visit this place.
  5. Omar did a really nice cut. Fast and clean. I’d go again.