Kebab Land

Recent Comments on Kebab Land

1:They are offering the government 50% off. They have a walk-in service where you all queue up and are seated in in first come first serve basis. They are able to cater for 2 people as well as larger families. They are also able to arrange seating for disabled or wheelchair access people. Staff are very friendly professional and friendly. The restaurant is child friendly. They are able to provide a large range of starters mains and desserts. They accept cash and contactless payments. Car parking is available in st. George’s and is free after 6 p.m.

2:Portion sizes and quality have gone down probably down to cutting costs…shame! Chicken shish was horrible, tough and chewy (cheap meat), bread was half the size it used to be and salad was pretty much non existent all served by men who just stare and can’t even muster a smile. Poor food poor service, won’t be ordering takeaway again.

3:Went for the kebabland special. If u love your meats this one will defo hit the spot. Nice mix of everything

4:The Price of thier Food Gone up but Quality Gone Down .Sishkebab was very saggy and unchuable and Rice not cooked well , when We complained about those the Servitor did not care at all for US and pretend he is not heared . My friend ordered Nan which not cared and for second time she asked again but too late which was too late to eat . The both Servitors serve us very impolitely and uncaring and we were not wellcome at all … Never Ever again go to this restaurant . been at this location few years ago with my family, and one of the guy (from costumer service) asked us to have a seat right next to food waste bin, when we occupied different seats whitout consulting him, he become very rude and our small kid got scared and start crying..asked if I can speak with the manager but with no luck. When we show the way he treated us with no respect at all we just left the property without eating the food we ordered & payd already.I have more than 10 year in this country but this was a very bad experience with this only restaurant.