Kane’s Barber Shop

Recent Comments Kane’s Barber Shop:

1: Hong has been cutting my hair here for over 10 years. But all barbers here know how to cut hair. Consistent, clean haircuts throughout. Professional, good value, toughed it through the COVID times, clean and sanitary. A GEM here in East Side SJ. Key thing is to set up an appointment ahead of time.

2: In and out chop shop. Excellent fades with average prices. No appt needed as you just sign in and they go in order from list. Every barber does above average to great work. Lady in the far right chair, you did an excellent job on my hair last time I was there. You made me a customer for life. Great service! $15 for a basic low fade😁

3: Now I know, they do Great clean precise haircuts. These guys compete with the high end barbers, these haircut should cost more, many barbers taking the time to the do a perfect job, they deserve big tips in my book.

4: They kicked me out of the barber shop after I politely asked them if they could shave my pubic hairs. They had aggressively lunged towards me and continued to grip my throats very hard and pushed me out the door. I would’ve called the police but I was in a good mood that certain Day.

5: Great Local Barber Shop!! Ask For Calvin Or Mrs. Kim 😉. Just a heads up if you dont feel like waiting. Then i suggest for you to call & make the appointment.