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1. Always a pleasure here. Fast friendly and great deals. Have been a customer for years. Almost all my family owns vehicles from here. Great place to get you on the road fast. Father and son owned. Insurance available and great deals. They

2. Best place ever to go for a car! Fast and east Process and have the nicest people working. Father and son company. Have my 4th car with them and will work with you on late payments or if you get behind. I will continue to shop with them for many years to come!!

3. I went there seen a beautiful suv , so my husband and I wanted to buy it cash they turn us down because we didn’t not have a TEXAS DRIVER LICENSE, an BECAUSE WE DIDNT LIVE IN TEXAS FOR TWO YEARS !! I had asked the manager why is that he SAID ITS THERE POLICY !!!!! I WILL NOT REFER ANYONE HERE NOR I WILL NOT GO BACK

4. I absolutely love Johnston! I have been coming to Jeffery and Terry for around 8 years now. I have paid for 6 cars through them and have absolutely no complaints! Here is my newest addition!!

5. best place to buy a used car. super friendly, honest and helpful people! have had my car about a year, no issues and always so nice when I make payments.

6. I bought a mustang convertible from them
They were very helpful and understanding when I made a couple of late payments. Never had a problem with them. The transmission did go out on it later on but it was a used car so it’s a risk you take. I’d definitely buy another car here.

7. Loved this place. I bought a 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe from there and the entire time I had it, not one problem. They sell solid good vehicles and make sure they are working great before putting them up for sale. Great staff/family. I don’t have

8. It is crazy to see clearly this was an amazing Auto show LOL

9. I recommend 100% this place, if you want to buy a good car, special attention to customers. They have an exceptional work team. If you want a good car, there you will find your best option

10. Good, fair and helpful home ownership with a long standing and excellent reputation offering quality pre-owned vehicles and easy in house financing.