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1. Bo did such an amazing job with my septum piercing! He kept the conversation fun which helped ease my nerves and he walked me through the whole process so I would be aware of what he was doing. I absolutely recommend a piercing from him!

2. My GO TO ! Love Bo ! He pierced both sides of my nose a while ago (twice lol) & changed them out for me recently. Great conversation , great customer service, friendly & just a great attitude and personality overall. every time I walk in we chop it up , whole team is lit tho , I love it here 🙌🏽

3. Bo is a master at piercing. I’ve had several piercing from him and have never gotten an infection or had issues. I went to another piercer twice, to re-pierce my nose and a Monroe. I got infections both times. I had to remove the

4. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
Bo did amazing! He was nice and professional. Everything was sanitary and he does an amazing job of not only explaining the process as it is happening, but making you feel comfortable with the whole experience!
Service: Nose piercing

5. Bo pierced my Tragus today. He was very professional & friendly. We also had a great conversation.
Service: Piercings

6. The customer service was phenomenal. The shop is very clean. Unfortunately due to an allergic reaction I had to take out my nose piercing after two weeks😣. If you have sensitive skin please ask for something hypoallergenic or real. It may save you money or at least a very itchy rash. I will try again but now I know what to get.

7. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
Bo was really sweet. Made the whole experience less intimidating, and he did a really good job. Best piercing service. Price includes the jewelry.
Service: Piercings

8. Critical: Quality
I had this done about a year ago. It was a spontaneous trip and I was seen immediately. I have several tattoos and none of them have hurt me, but dude had a heavy hand. The line work isn’t great and I’m actually scarred, not sure if you can

9. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality
Best experience ever. I had my nose pierced in Ohio three times ( unsuccessful) and this was the most painless experience. The place is extremely sanitary. Being in the medical profession, i felt comfortable watching the artist undertake all measures to reduce the risk of infection. Really impressed. Dr. Jackie Mulondo
Service: Nose piercing

10. Me and my fiance came in there to get a simple tattoo on our ring finger. Shawn was awesome he picked out a excellent font for us. 5 stars to shawn keep up the Great work.