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1. Not the best experience….. The guy at the register just could not be bothered lol. He acted like he was irritated at the fact that other people exist and were in his store. Eye rolls, sighs, and annoyance on full display. Plays the emo

2. the staff was okay. one girl was really nice, while the 2 guys were quiet and stand offish. but that’s not why I’m giving 2 stars. im giving a low rating today because the lack of inventory is astonishing. i have never seen such an empty

3. Super friendly and helpful! I came in to exchange some jewelry and it was all handled quickly with a smile. They also happened to have a sale on clearance jewelry so I ended up getting two pieces for free! 10/10

4. Went in today and was treated extremely poorly by the staff. There was a girl by the door that I was trying to discuss the Loki merchandise with and she gave me quick answer them turned her back on me and walked away. As I looked around the

5. I love this place. Expensive though like always but they do have great deals. I got my husband a dragon ball z shirt for sale when you buy 1 other shirt. And they also had the costume jewelry clearanced and I love their dresses and anime shirts.

6. Great quality jewelry, clothes, and other items. I got rings, a beanie, earrings, a sticker, and hair dye and I love them!

7. I have two little kids one of them I was carrying on my chest because I didn’t have the stroller with me. My little one constantly pulled down my mask which lead to me constantly rearranging it. When I finally gave up on it and walked into

8. If i could give zero stars i would. They are so rude. They stopped me at the door and would not let me come in because i didn’t have a mask on. I tryed to explain that i couldn’t wear a mask due to some past trama that i dont want to get

9. You’ve got to love Hot Topic, but this location is special. A VERY large selection of all the coolest band t-shirts, pop culture memorabilia, goth clothes and accessories and way more than that. Just a cool place – I’ve been coming to this

10. Great store and staff. I just wish they had a larger location. They have so much to look at but since it is jam packed full it is hard to see much of anything. Being a popular store and having to shop around others can be a challenge.