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1. The first pic is how I wanted my nails the second Is how Kati did them when I told her I didn’t like them she yelled at me. This place is very unprofessional and rude I do not recommend .
Services: Acrylic nails, Nail art

2. I’m a little disappointed in what these shops are doing right now by over charging. I paid $50 for some very short nails that have 4 basic nail stickers. I was told that if I wanted them a little longer maybe 2 inches in total it would

3. I finally found a nail spot that I enjoy. Pricing was reasonable. The service was excellent. All the small details that most places overlook, were actually done here (proper cuticle trimming, checking for any ingrowns, arm and feet

4. Absolutely love this salon! They listened to what I wanted and did an amazing job with my nails. Great prices and the entire staff is friendly as well. I will definitely be back!

5. I can’t believe how unprofessional and crooked these people are. I took my young sister to get her eyelash extensions done here and she suffered all weekend from what this woman did to her eyes. She put the glue too close to her eyes which

6. I treated myself to a full set of acrylics, Pink & White and a Spa Pedi. In & out in 90 minutes for $78. Katie did a beautiful job on the Acrylics. Kelly was talkative but professional. I really enjoyed my Pedi. So you know, I wore Acrylics

7. Positive: Quality
They did amazing but one thing i noticed is that my lady did get gel on the cutical part on my right hand middle finger and my left hand ring finger. other than that they did amazing I will show what i asked for and what i got (i did a fill so i got shorter)
Services: Manicures, Nail art

8. Critical: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
Pictures say it all, this is what my gel manicure looked like on the third day after wasting 30$ here! terrible experience, the hygiene was very poor, the manicurist was rude and unprofessional and a gel manicure which typically lasts me at least 3 weeks did not even last 3 days
Service: Manicures

9. Got my nails done yesterday and they are crooked and cracking! It was very expensive for what I got and seemed unsanitary. The tools they used were not new or clean
Services: Dip powder, Manicures, Pedicures

10. I love the guy who does my nails. He knows I’m very hard on them and makes them nice and thick for me. I get pretty basic stuff done so I’m not sure how he is on fancy but I’m sure he’s good. I get pedicures here too. Very pretty and relaxing.