Headquarters Barbershop ceres

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  1. Absolutely horrible I went back in twice to get haircut fixed and the second he only fades up one side for 35 dollars you need to go back to school
  2. This place will cut your hair if they like you but if they don’t agree with your appearance they make it very well known. Do yourself a favor and avoid at all costs, there are plenty of other places to get a haircut without hatred. Hair is hair, but hatred is disgusting.
  3. Flavio did not acknowledge he had n appointment at 9:35am we waited for 15 min went to ask him how much longer would it take for him to be done with the haircut he was doing he said he just started it was 9:55am by this time he said “my bad” low customer skills. Definitely do NOT recommend him.
  4. Made appointment dropped in got hair cut n that was it yes I would recommend it no problem.
  5. Had an appointment at 1:00 was not acknowledged. When asked about appointment he is running late. 40 minutes later nothing. Left will not go back. Also smelled like marijuana and they were drinking beer. Very unprofessional place.