Hassen’s Barbers

Recent Comments Hassen’s Barbers:

1: Had my little boys hair cut today. He has very long curly hair. He really hates it cut short and the young barber cut his hair so short and blunted the front like a fringe. It looks awful and I specifically asked him to keep the top long. Now my son doesn’t want to go to school because he’s worried he will get picked on.

2: I have had my hair cut 4 times at Hassen’s, and every each time I’ve left happy. Definitely will come back again. Thanks.

3: Barbers don’t properly wear masks and make customers take theirs off when getting the haircut, which isn’t at all needed. Lucky I didn’t get covid. Also extremely rough with pulling on your hair with scissors

4: Best palace in Leigh to get your haircut, shop has been done up really well. You can walk up on book online through Facebook. Always happy and great atmosphere in the shop

5: Lovely barber cut my 2 years old hair. He was very patient and gave him a lovely hair cut