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1: The prices are way so expensive $10 for one nail that had 5 little butterfly’s.My gel nails came out so bad. It’s also $5 for the cuffin shape

2: Brought my gf and the ladies left them so ugly and bad. I payed $70. They were crooked. Omg it was so horrible I’m a guy and oh no I didn’t even liked them. Way to expensive

3: Don’t come here. If you do a pedicure it’s $3 extra to sit on the massage chair. If you want small decorations like butterflies that’s $10 plus $5 to shape them. It’s so expensive yet they come out so horrible and ugly. Ughhh 60 dam dollars for regular acrylics

4: I ask for Cuticle remover for my feet didn’t get it. She spent maybe a minute on scrubbing my feet, then finished with my polish, then spent maybe another minute on creaming my feet then she was done. Will not be going back

5: Took extremely long to finish, was not impressed by the final result, and were probably the most expensive nails I’ve ever had in my entire life.