Happy Barber

Recent Comments Happy Barber:
  1. I’ve been going to this barber shop for many years and they really did amazing job
  2. We got my brothers hair cut in a another place and let’s say they didn’t do great.. So instead we found this place and it was WONDERFUL, they fixed up his hair really quick and fast. We are definitely coming back here!
  3. Always a barber for all your trim needs, been coming here for many moon’s.
  4. Took my son for a trim and fade for the first time here and was satisfied! No wait, affordable and quick! considering my 7yr old don’t have patience for haircuts.. I was paying $25 a pop at these other hipster barbershops for a simple fade and trim but not anymore!!
  5. Came in for cut and beard trim/line-up. Was quite satisfied. Definitely coming back.