Hands and Feet Nail Spa

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1: The fill is 40$, the lady said because it is gel, but it does not make sense, that is how much I paid last time for a full set. I have been coming here for 2 years and usually pay around 20-25 for a fill. Were the prices raised?

2: It was a nice atmosphere but when I picked the gel nails the color I poced looked way different on. My nails however are still going strong after what 2 weeks now. No scratch dings or peeling. Little

3: I should’ve read the reviews. Rude guy collecting the payment. Called, told them it was my first time. Never mentioned card only. Never mentioned anything about extra cost. Never again.

4: Beautiful salon and my nail stylist, Helen, was great! My nails look perfect, she paid attention to detail and took her time. The last place I went to wasn’t too great and I get skeptical about trying new places. But, Helen did a wonderful job and I am extremely happy with the way the nails turned out!! I will be going back here again!

5: Service was good.👍 But was seen almost a hour late (made a appointment early over the phone). Chairs and tables are old and dirty. Tried making conversation with my worker, she was busy on the phone. Satisfied with my toes, but probably would try elsewhere next time.