Haidilao Hotpot

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1:Saw many hype about Haidilao so it peaked my curiosity from all the videos made about it, and I can for certain it did NOT disappoint. It’s an amazing restaurant, and luckily we came mid afternoon that the wait was not that long. The interior was stunning with modern but minimalistic designs. An added bonus is that there was free manicures and a bubble tea cafe inside! (Would definitely have gotten boba is I didn’t already bring my own) Now onto the star event! The hotpot! How can I say this but it was absolutely amazing! Enjoyed every bit of it, this is definitely a place to go with friends as Hot pot is a social event 💕 the staff was excellent and the food was delicious. Haidilao was an amazing experience and I’ve been praising it so much, but the only reason as to why I’ve given it 4 stars is because despite everything, I find that homemade hotpot beats all. The amount of meat (and additional stuff such as scallops and fish cake) given was not that much (impressive and high quality so I understand why) I believe each serving is for one person or perhaps two, but going as a group it didn’t feel as though we had enough. (We were all full because we had a variety amount of different items, but let’s be real we’re really all here for the meat. Now that I’ve experienced it I will say I would definitely come here again. Haidilao is an experience to have and a treat to enjoy every once in a while, though next time I would definitely order more meat and noodles.

2:Good hotpot with great service, always packed inside with lively background music. In UK you have to pay for watermelon whereas in China it is one of the free treats at the sauce stations. I felt the meat was if a good quality and the deep fried tofu strips were good, also lotus leaves seemed fresh. Price can add up quite quickly so important to keep yourself in check. I will be going back.

3:We had a wonderful time here today. The food was amazing and our waitress Cyane was very attentive throughout our visit. We had four soups; tomato, laksa, mushroom and chilli. They were all super delicious! We’ll definitely be back soon.

4:Very nice place in the heart of the west end. Tried a selection of meats with four different broths which were nice and spicy. The wagyu and iberico pork were very nice. For hotpot I felt pork tasted better. There chicken was very tender and all other dishes we tried tasted great. However I would prefer the broth was filtered from the spices as they easily get attached to the meat when fishing it out and can overpower the flavour.

5:Thank the lord there is HDL in Taipei. We went to the one in Qsquare above the Taipei main station. 3hrs wait, but so worth it and they have an English menu and staff. They even have us free dessert to welcome us to Taiwan 🙂