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1. Used them for years and got good service. Recently I needed tire sensors for my 2010 Lincoln MKZ and they told me they could put them on my car for $260. They ordered the sensors and went and had them put on. They didn’t work, and they

2. I went to them for an alignment but they couldn’t align it, because I have an old truck and I’m pretty sure it was the original front end?! They told me what was needed, basic rebuild of the front end and a bad wheel bearing and the cost.

3. Very nice people. It’s just down the street from my house. I always gone there for tires. Inexpensive too. Everywhere else is ridiculous. ☺️👍

4. 3rd experience with Greenwood Tire and Alignment and all around excellent business and professional services by Chris and his staff!

5. Nice wedding room very professional couldn’t ask for better service

6. Best tire shop..Clean waiting area. Professional service stand behind their work.

7. Great service. Friendly, fast, and very helpful.

8. Great place to get tires put on your auto. Staff was friendly and efficient. Very clean and welcoming. Highly recommend.

9. Excellent service!! Friendly, HONEST, reliable staff. I highly recommend this business!!!

10. When I got there, there were 2 women waiting and 1 of the ladies said she had been there for 2 hours and her car still wasn’t back there. They were working on cars that had been left there and would be picked up later. I was also to there for 2 1/2 hours and a guy came in and they fixed his tire before me mine