Green Valley Village

Recent Comments Green Valley Village:

1. I went to Marti’s, a long-time restaurant in GV Village. By far one of my favourite restaurants in GV! One has to get there early to find a seat, so I’m not the only person who feels this way! Note to Newbies: you go up to the register

2. It’s cute, but strangely barren. Good Italian Restaurant there, though.

3. Really great sandwiches. Bought Bear Claws. Just like they used to make them in the old days. Plus they are huge, one can feed 4 or 2 very hungry people.

4. Not bad! Found good munchies, pretty nice people. Glad we stopped. #templemastery

5. The food arrived quickly and it wasn’t that bad at all! The veggie omelette was really delicious as well! Prices were a little high and they only take cash or check which is odd for these days 🤷🏻‍♀️

6. Went for the farmers mkt. Fun. Prices are much higher than other markets.

7. Great Hotel!!!
Beds are unbelievably comfortable and the rooms were extremely clean!!!!
The staff is A-1!!!

8. Not many shops here, but a few good ones. Many nice restaurants.

9. Nice Layout, it is beginning to get more tenants (which is nice) Hosts one of the best farmer’s markets in Green Valley!

10. Very nice shopping spot.
Had lunch in Chicago Deli. Friendly wait staff and nice selections for lunch. Definitely a popular place at lunch time and for good reason.
Prices were very reasonable.