1 : This place is always my favourite hairdresser. Cheap, quick and nice.

2 : Very unprofessional barbers. Always speaking in thier language over customers. Even when you tried to tell the barber how you want to get your hair cut and the barber busy talking to his colleagues. Very rudde and disrespectful . They only have bkack hair colour but they will ask you want hair colour you want and end up colouring your hair black. The price gone up but the service is rubnush

3 : I do not recommend this shop they didn’t shape up my sons back of his head and he is practically y bold even when he asked for a buzz cut with no 1 blade

4 : Nice friendly family barbers. Price for small boys cut has been increased to adult price. Not very fair.

5 :  I have visited this place 2 times for a hair cut ,but I was not happy with the hair cut at both times, they cut my hair like a grass,leaving my hair up and down,I request them is to take your time to cut the hair properly And not just cut like a grass whithin 5 minutes,it’s our hair once cut anyhow,it takes time to grow , don’t cut too fast coz others are waiting