Recent Comments Frizzles Hair & Beauty Studio:

  1. Jodie is my go to for any tattoo. Super designs and gets it absolutely perfect, each and every time. Always a great convo too. Looks 👌
  2. Walked past it,never been to have a hair cut,but they must be good.
  3. I visited this salon today and asked for a full head of highlights done by foils and a cut, restyle and blow-dry, my hair was short at the beginning just above my shoulders and I had a an old tint still growing out! I expected the …
  4. Took my toddler for a haircut after originally being told it would cost £5, got charged £8 for a haircut that looks really bad. When calling in to ask to return for it to be fixed I was told the person cutting the hair was a junior stylist …
  5. Ant came up with some amazing designs and I keep coming back very good pricing and I always recommend and the rest off the team always keep you laughing