Fresh Up Barber Shop

Recent Comments Fresh Up Barber Shop:

1: Took my grandson for a hair, I asked specifically to not cut so much off the top but the barber did what they wanted. I was disappointed. Hence, my 3 star rating.

2: No customer service. I was given grief for not knowing what clip size I wanted for the sides. He didn’t talk to me the rest of the time. If you are looking for a barber to help you get a new look or just wanna try something new. DO NOT COME HERE!

3: I waited 30 minutes I was next, other people came and went in, other people came and put their name on top and they took them in first. Very unprofessional.

4: DO NOT COME HERE. My husband’s experience was poor. They did a skin fade and a beard shaped for 75$ and did an absolute poor job. They basically finessed him before showing the total before hand. Also, the barbers are very unprofessional, they do not sanitize their products. They should close this place down asap.

5: Price for a fade is $35, but they charged me $45, saying that $35 price its an old price, and they still wanted tip. They need better equipment, it felt that they were pulling my hair, instead of cutting. My first and last time here. Dont come to this barber shop.