Fire and Ice Tattoo

Recent Comments Fire and Ice Tattoo:

1: The tattoo work was really awesome, and the pricing is very reasonable.

2: I came to NC to visit my son. I wanted to get matching tattoos. Our artist @Notion173 was amazing. He was able to take our design and turn them into master pieces. Incredibly happy. I’m looking forward to another visit and tattoo. The experience was great.

3: Best experience I have had with an amazing artist. Nuria is the artist that I went to he has amazing work and is just a great person to be around when tattooing he is also very knowledgeable of his craft and I would recommend him to anyone one who wants to get a tattoo

4: I got my nipples done for $50 and my double surface tragus for $40. The piercer was very experienced told me a handful of interesting stories and informed me thoroughly what to do (and not to) and what to expect.

5: I started a large piece here and its been an amazing tattoo and experience. They treated me very well. Hopefully I’ll get more done soon! @Notion173