El Rey De Todos

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1 : Soooo…..when I decided to stop here, I’d had a particularly long day at work, all I wanted was a stiff cocktail and some Mexican food. I stopped here because it’s closer to my apartment, and I have heard good things, however, I got the distinct feeling that no one wanted to wait on me maybe?? I know these days, good help is hard to find/keep so I asked THREE people was there someone available to take my order. I don’t wanna assume things, you know? A hostess took my order, then a server arrived. I felt like I should leave, but why should I? Man, my drink was Soooo good, and so was the food. But the energy was way off!! Sometimes the service can kill an otherwise amazing dinner. That’s it, That’s All.

2 : Had the fajitas and they were full of onions. I prefer a better pepper to onion ratio. Margarita was ok but not great.

3 : If you’re ever in Auburn this is the perfect spot to stop at! The staff is extremely friendly, (Mckenly and jasmine are my favorite servers ). And the specials are unbeatable!! I took pictures because they are too good not to share!

4 : There food is so good! Giant drinks. Great music and friendly service. We will definitely be back.

5 : Everytime I come to El Rey, I’m always pleased. For a salad, this dish was amazing. So delicious. And the Pitcher specials for happy hour? AMAZING! Order the Grilled Salad with shrimp. You won’t regret it.