Ebony Beauty Supply 3

Recent Comments Ebony Beauty Supply 3:
  1. Great customer service but limited merchandise; hang in there, I’d love to see this business grow!!
  2. Clean store nice employees. Only thing I would say is there needed to be more employees the only one that I saw was the girl behind the counter and she was busy so I couldn’t really ask questions until I was checking out.
  3. I liked the wig I got (regular long brown lace front) but it was my first time buying one and asked for help with hair clue and recommendations. All the the girls did was try to up sell. Thank god I went with alittle prior knowledge!!
  4. It was my first time in the store just needed small supplies the workers were really helpful and knew very much… was a lil pricey but I didn’t care I had it and I was getting what I was expecting he let me test the hair straightener out 😊
  5. Awesome found my hair color they gave me nice discount and I got mascara good one 2.99! Also nose ring and studs sterling silver great prices nice girls super helpful. IM COMING BACK!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH 😊😊😊😊❤❤❤