Dorchester Village

Recent Comments Dorchester Village:

1. No many stores, run down, we actually saw a huge chunk of the awning fall down.

2. This place needs a makeover, still you’ll find some good deals

3. I love the Dollar General in the strip mall but Big Lots did not have anything I was looking for.

4. I purchased and paid for online a small basket that was to be curbside pickup. I pulled into the curbside pickup spot and called the phone number. They located the order with some difficulty. A few minutes later, a different person came

5. Moneyman Pawn only wanted to give me $95.00 for my scrap gold & I went to the corner of Ladson & 78 to drive thru gold scrapper and got $400.00 for the same broken gold jewelry!!!

6. Overall it’s ok but lacking in anything that shows they are proud of Dorchester.. maybe a name change could help

7. There’s a little creek that flows into the Ashley River located on the far edge of the center. I’ve seen people fishing in it on occasion. Money Man Pawn shop, Opa Cafe, KFC, Big Lots and a few other businesses are on site. Don’t be fooled

8. I honestly have not been here since they were in the old building. Was pleasantly surprised to see how well lit, open, and clean looking it was. I won’t have a problem going back.

9. Stopped in yesterday cuz they had a 20% off sale for family and friends! Got some really great deals on some good furniture! Kathy was excellent and gave me wonderful customer service. I will definitely be back to see them!

10. They need to hire more employees and stop running one employee ragged. Every time I go there’s a mile long line and one overworked cashier. The cashiers are very nice but I’m disappointed with how the staff is treated. The stock is running low. Not impressed with the prices or the merchandise.