Don Bigotes Centre

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1 : This establishment was wonderful. It’s exactly what I was looking for after a long day of climbing at Sand Rock.

I absolutely recommend coming here after a long day of climbing. The portion sizes are incredible and the food is extremely flavorful. I got one of the burritos because it’s my post climb comfort food. Salsa game is great! Quac game is also strong, it’s chunky if that’s something that bothers you consider this your warning. This will become my Sand Rock tradition. Looking forward to future visits!

2 : Food and service was great. If definitely go back of i was local.

3 : The food here is consistently, reliably good! The staff is friendly and attentive. But I don’t care for the live music. Sub-par country music doesn’t really fit the theme here. It just made me want to finish my meal quickly and get out.

4 : Amazing. Crazy little thing. They had zucchini in their chicken fajita on the buffet line. So refreshing. My new favorite place. Food tasted the most authentic I have had in awhile. I only ate the buffet and I honestly think that’s all I will ever need! ? 4 stars bc I didn’t care for their salsa; too much cilantro and pureed. But to each it’s own.

5 : Pretty good place to go I like going to eat there Buffet Sundays after church but the only down side about the restaurant is no wheelchair accessible bathroom