Dominic’s Barber Shop

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1 : I was there for the first time last week. In Tyrone I finally found a barber who listens well to what I wanted for my beard. He didn’t assume anything and while it might have taken longer than other places, Tyrone proved to be a worthy conversationalist and paid great attention to the details I desired. Now that I know this place exists, I won’t go anywhere else.

2 : At Dominic`s barber shop is where you are treated professionally by quality barbers giving you a clean cut and value for money in a decent environment. I have used their services for many years with great satisfaction and all people directed there shared the same feeling. Stars like Boyz II Men, Montana Jordan among others can also testify. Thanks for your professionalism over the years!!!!!……………

3 : Really cool!!! Real American Feeling, just like my childhood!!

4 : Solid and good cuts everytime. Good atmosphere and vibes.

5 : Love this place. Even if there is a wait, it’s worth it!