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1: This place has a lot of variety and they are very helpful! Great deals!

2: This is my favorite smoke shop, they are always extremely friendly and helpful. I take forever to make decisions and ask a lot of the same questions, but they always answer them and are very patient. Shout out to Thai for helping me today!

3: Excellent service and selection with plenty of product in stock to choose from. Highly recommended for smoke and vape products, will definitely be coming back!

4: Thai and Ali are very very nice and welcoming. Great knowledge about the items they have in store. Ali assisted me in buying a gift and helped me choose the perfect one! Will be a regular customer!

5: NJ and BAMBAM provided excellent customer service. Will definitely return. Their expertise and warmness to their clients is one of the reasons I keep coming back. Thank you for taking care of us. Cheers!