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Recent Comments Design Haircuts:
  1. It’s my first time coming here and Clara made me feel relaxed and welcome. She took care of me and my haircut came out excellent. Highly recommended.
  2. Lin & Vanessa are sooo nice & Lin did such a great job! I have difficult wavy\curly hair and have a hard to get right cut, (A-line with long layers, no thinning sheers). She listened to me go on & on, then gave me a home run haircut for only $15 (no wash or style)!! I NOW HAVE A NEW HAIR PLACE 🤗
  3. I’ve been going here for years. The hair stylists are great!
  4. Frances is always available. Does great haircuts for men and women.
  5. Clara is the best! She performs the best faded haircuts. She is very knowledgeable. Also , she is great doing layered haircuts in long hair. They usually get busy bring your patience with you and wait for your turn.