Delia’s Salon & Music

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1: Love this salon, my family and i been coming for yrs to Delia’s Salo.

2: Awesome employees great experience! always take my boys for their hair cuts there

3: I’ve been going to Delia’s Salon for a couple of years now, and it’s always been a good experience for me. I recently started taking my 3 year old son there and they always hook him up with a good haircut. Thanks you all 👍

4: They always open late, I call them to know if they going to open they said 15 minutes and had me waiting for 30 minutes more than the opening time which is at 9am. Thier not about there money if I was you I’ll go somewhere else for real bad experience they have

5: I’ve been going there for about 3 years now for a haircut. They’re really respectful and friendly. You don’t find places like this anywhere that often. Family friendly and they speak both English and Spanish. It’s a family owned place and they may be related but they’re all licensed barbers and stylist who studied this.