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1:I am always on the hunt for a high quality halal breakfast place. Just so fed up of over priced, sub standard menus that just don’t hit the spot. Until I found De Cafe Lounge on Barking Road. It is near the old West Ham Football Ground and walking distance from Upton Park Station. Plenty of parking nearby, free and paid. You are welcomed by friendly staff, a nice clean premises, large tv screen and lots of breakfast options. You can get lamb donner in your breakfast plate, yes you read it correctly, LAMB DONNER. It is sooo tasty, you will love this place. The tea seemed to have a sprinkle of safron on it, it tasted so nice, I orders another one. I never have two couples of tea back to back. The owner Imran is a lovely chap, knows his food and understands customer service. While I am writting this post, I have decided I am going to go there for breakfast NOW!

2:Good English breakfast & good choice of menu. Tall brother is a nice, gives a good customer service & is polite same for his brother. Unfortunately, the short brother is kinda rude & hardly acknowledges you nor this he respond to Salam. Overall a cafe I enjoy going to over the years & will continue to go to.

3:The doner breakfast was very filling and tasty too.

4:Mediocre at best, ordered a meal with rice literally looked, smelled and tastes like exactly uncle bens spicy Mexican what an ashame and there was hardly any rice as well, I’m sure if they did actually use uncle Ben’s the whole plate would have had some rice! Also the rice wasn’t even cooked properly (how! chef mic is easy to use to cook uncle bens 2 mins) ! If its supposed to be a healthy meal why you giving me some processed rice? Damn, personally this shop ain’t for me. Don’t get it twisted I ordered this twice on different occasions yet the same outcome! Everyone else who goes here seems to like but better halal cafes out there imo can’t fault chicken portion though that was lovely & taste fine 👍

5:Tasty and clean cafe. Child friendly & spacious. Staff were very friendly & hospitable. Food was high quality & very tasty! Would definitely recommend.