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1. I went there after work to get my hair cut like I always do. Went too the same guy that I did last time. 2nd to last chair on the right hand side. He wouldn’t let me look during my cut. I just kinda blew it off because I trusted this guy

2. I have had all 3 of my boys have haircuts here within the past week and they all look amazing!!!! My only “complaint” if you can call it that is be prepared for a long wait or make an appointment!!!! They are apparently always busy!!!! When

3. SUUUUPER IMPRESSED with these guys!!! I swear to God my beard has NEVER looked this good lol barber was absolutely on point, found my shop Finally!!!

4. Positive: Professionalism
Have been there two times Best in the 850. Español and English very clean professional can change your life. from homeless to having all the females
Service: Haircut

5. Critical: Professionalism
After hearing a lot of good things about this shop, I decided to try them out. When I got there one of the barbers was open, so I decided to with him. Huge mistake, this dude was digging his nails into my head. On top of that, he was

6. Clean & Friendly Environment. My barber is Ramon (Second Chair on left) and he is awesome. His brother is Richard (First Chair on Left), both are Great Barbers and friends!

7. My son has been to this shop many times before and I have loved every cut until today. I am not sure how the conversation went when he went in but when he came out his cut was $10 more and it was uneven. I also noticed his hairline was

8. Good barbers but they spoke Spanish to each other the whole time and made it uncomfortable

9. Amazing barber shop. Very skilled master barbers.

10. I love the atmosphere in the shop. It’s a very welcoming and cool place to go. My barber Jorge is a cool guy and nice with the clippers. U leave feeling like a celebrity. I’ll recommend them to anyone. Go check them out!