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1: I love Steve, he is fantastic with my daughter Matilda when she gets her hair trimmed. I went today for the first time to get my hair styled and coloured…I couldn’t be happier in so impressed. Steve is so professional and welcoming. I will definitely go back.

2: First time here and I’ll definitely be back. My hair hasn’t looked so good in years. Steven is so knowledgeable and the colour and techniques he used make my hair look Fab.

3: Massive thumbs up from my date his exact words ” I don’t know if I will be able my hands to myself” thankyou so much I love it

4: Felt more than welcome hadn’t been in for a while due to broken bones was made to feel at ease instantly normally I am a bag of nerves not there though I knew I would have my haircut and styled exactly as I wanted

5: Literally just had my hair cut for the first time in a couple of years and Marie is absolutely fab, dead canny and a fantastic hairdresser, looks like she’s going to be my new regular! xx