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1. Billy the barber cuts both my sons hair! Ages 4 & 6 now 5 & 7. But no other person or place has been able to give them exactly what they want and keep them happy!
Service: Shape up

2. This place is a complete rip off I just moved across the street from this place and I went in for a regular haircut and was charged 40 bucks when the prices on the board say 25 and my hair wasn’t even a half inch high and the barber tried

3. Great haircut!! One of the best I’ve ever had, Alex was professional but kept it light so he was easy to talk to and made for a good experience. Recommend this place very much

4. Go holla at Billy the Barber. Good dude and exceptional cutting skills 💪🏿

5. Nice shop clean, up to date, saw a lot of good cuts coming out of there. My complaint, the wait. Called at 9am, try to make an appointment. Told no worries just come in, and we’ll seat you. Show up at 930ish, no one knows I’m coming, told

6. One of the best barber shops in Delaware. Friendly staff and full of professionalism. Great environment for kids. Shop talk is always respectable for little ears. My barber Jai is always on time and having an appointment always puts me right in the chair without a wait.

7. Traveling for work from Houston, and it’s hard finding a good barber. They accept walk ins and are very skilled. Ask for Roc.

8. One of the worst experiences. I had a overconfident barber who decided what would look good on me. When I looked worried, he kept throwing that he’s been cutting hair for 25 years. There is a fine line with being confident and over confident. extremely dissatisfied and will not recommend to anyone else.

9. As for as Jai The Barber; I would say his craftsmanship and passion for his customer service is like no other. He doesn’t only make you feel as though your spending my hard earned money in the right place, but he makes you feel as though

10. Positive: Cleanliness, Quality, Value
I learned that it is better to find a barber that you are comfortable with doing your hair. I always make an appointment then go there. My experience with here has been great.