Crystal and Sage Boutique

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1. This is my go-to crystal shop, being a local in Huntington. Their prices are always very fair and the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I visited their Oyster Bay location recently as well, where the crystals are also so beautifully

2. Beautiful collection of crystals of all shapes and sizes. You can break the bank or find a unique affordable item here, lots of great gift items and even some interesting clothing. Great place to visit if in the area just to get a good vibe from the friendly staff and pet dog.

3. Cute store and very nice store owner. I went in looking for carnelian and found so many treasures! I definitely need to go back! Soon!

4. This store is so cool! So many beautiful crystals and pendants.

5. I went there and had a good time. The employee were nice. when I went home to use my incense holder I was great until… the next day when I went to clean it. I put it under water for like 2 second and the design faded away. it was the zodiac holder. very cheap quality and I payed $10 for it. I don’t think I would go there again.

6. This is an amazing place. The employees are very kind and the prices are honestly amazing compared to other metaphysical shops I have visited on Long Island. They have a lot of great products ranging from low to high prices. They have high

7. Great selections on everything you need. Staff is helpful, eh. Good prices and just expanded

8. I had such a good time at this store! The shop owner was very knowledgeable and taught me about different stones and their purposes. I definitely will be returning! Btw they have so many products I’m so excited to start this journey!!

9. I love the vibe here and after I visit I feel better! The owner and staff are friendly and helpful. They offer good insights and information and the store is well stocked and fairly priced. I also visited their new store in Oyster Bay.

10. Women who was i believe the owner was there working when I had been in the store
She was kind of hmmm