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1:It was a quite a quiet night, food was good. Really enjoyed the chicken & waffle. Wasn’t too pleased with the brownie dessert because it was quite rough on the edges which scrapes my pallet and it was a bit dry. But overall it’s a nice chill spot. The Passion fruit Mojito was really nice. Crepes & Cones

2:All smiles when we walked in. Pleasant staff. Seated quickly and everything was clean. A great start 👌🏾 Our food arrived in good time and was served hot. Very tasty and cooked well. These honey Hennessy wings are the truth! Everyone was happy with their chosen dishes. The chicken was seasoned well and the hotdog was delicious. The portions were enough to satisfy my hunger. The Red Berry Ciroc slushy was awesome! The atmosphere was great and the decor was thought out. Interesting paintings are on the wall and there is even a bus stop with seats for guest as their table is being prepared. This restaurant has worked hard to create a great experience and I definitely will be recommending it to my family and friends.

3:Great Place! We where visiting and some one told us about this Place. We did not have reservations. We did not have to wait long for a table. Food was great and Staff very friendly. Thank you to the Manager ( Andrew). He was sweet and gave us some tips about other things to do while traveling. We really enjoyed there desserts. One is mine… waffles with chocolate & vanilla ice cream, shaved chocolate, and strawberries. The other one is my Husband’s … Banoffee waffles… waffles, banana, toffee/caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream.

4:For Iftar, Breaking of Fast at 8:49. Arrived at 8:12pm, told we should order at 8:30 so food arrives nice and hot, and will only take 12 minutes. we tried no servers were available. Finally 8:40 server comes. We order our food. Fasting breaking time comes and passes now its 9:20. Food arrives, avacodo in the salad was bruised, considering it cost £9, I expected good quality for my money. Chips barely fill the small bowl, had to ask to change, chips was HARD and stale. My chips tasted tasteless, bill coming to a near £60, was a dear dear waste and filled with disappointments for us all. Will not return. This is my review/opinion on the service and food I had paid for and received. Servers all were moody. I get better service and food in KFC!

5:Crepes and Cones was definitely a experience.We queued for 2 hours and 30 mins. Only for dessert and drinks because they ran out of food. I can understand how busy it was but would have appreciated if we were informed of the waiting times. Krept and Conan were in the store serving people and managing the service to the best of their ability. The service was quite slow due to the demand but our waitress was friendly and apologetic. The dessert was gorgeous. I had the Oreo Madness ( a crepe with crumbled oreos, white and milk chocolate drizzled) with a scoop of oreo ice cream. We arrived on Friday at 19:55 and left at 00:15. Therefore, I would highly recommend dining during the weekdays.


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