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1: If yiu want to do a quick haircut, this is the place you want to go. Fast, efficent but do not expect high quality and fashion style haircut. This is the place you want to get rid of your hair in a short time in a relatively cheap price.

2: Pretty good and cheap haircut place. The ladies were friendly most of the time hehe. The place is not bad especially for the price but usually there’s quite a waiting line to be assisted.

3: Great place that doesn’t break the bank if you want a trim every week or two. I opt for a neat, classic cut but I’ve seen Jean cut some extreme fades for other happy customers. Very skillful, hardly needs the clipper guards. They cut women’s styles for a few dollars more. My wife likes their no-fuss, no BS/gossip style.

4: I was suggested by my family to come here. Excellent haircut for only $8. Barber Jean(Jing) has been cutting my family’s hair for almost 10 years in a different place in Alhambra. Now she has a new business in Temple City which is beautiful, clean and family friendly.

5: Great price. They cut hair pretty well for such a low price. Most of the barbers are from the old barbershop in Alhambra who had left so that’s also a plus.