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1: They were quick but the nail tech got a little annoyed when i asked for different colors they also did them VERY thin on most of my fingers i feel like they’re about to fall off and i have less than 12 hrs with them on so thin that you can see my real nail pop through under the acrylic near the cuticle area not worth $50

2: I went in for a trim on my eyebrows and now I’m going to go somewhere else after they grow back normal. One eyebrow is smaller than the other and the other looks like a caterpillar still.

3: Blanca does a great job very nice sweet every time I take a picture of what I want she does better my nails come out amazing 🤩 I have heard that Helen does a good job also!

4: The owner did perform an acrylic nails, I went to the beach and the acrylics nails melted, I use their service on 10/23/21,when I ask the owner how long do I’ve to wait he was very rude with me raising his voice he was so loud the he left me in shock,and I’m not coming back because the workers are very rude.

5: I’ve been coming here for ten years and never gone anywhere else they do waxing and nails exactly what I need. Owners Tony and Lee and the best people ever they know me by name and they make you feel welcome each time, can’t wait until they open again after corona virus!!! I miss them