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1. Got a tattoo to mark my mom’s passing. Everyone there is very professional and helpful. The tattoo parlor itself is spotless, clean, and obviously sanitary. Rooster was the artist who did my design and ink. He was amazing. We went over the

2. I have been here twice for tattoos and I love it! Marcus is a great tattoo artist. His prices are reasonable and he does outstanding work. He did a cover up on a scar I had and it looks amazing. I will definitely be back.
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3. My experience was terrible. I do not recommend anyone to go there. The tattoo artist might be great but the piercing person is terrible. He is very rude and rough. His work is very poor and I don’t recommend for anyone to go there. My nose

4. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Quality, Value
Dakota was Very professional, caring and Very easy with the needle. For someone who is Petrified of needles, he made the experience a Good one. Highly recommend. My daughter and I got matching tats.
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5. I went in and put down a 58 dollar deposit in good faith that the artist would call me to set up an appointment. Having gotten 3 tattoos there before, I thought they were a good establishment. Having heard nothing for 10 days, I said forget

6. You know it’s bad when you go in for a cover up and you like your original tattoo more. First of all, he didn’t even use a stencil. He free handed it. Sometimes that’s okay, but when the entire tattoo is crooked, maybe you shouldn’t be

7. Got my first small tattoo done by Marcus and he did awesome and came back 3 weeks later and got a appointment set up with rooster to get a ak on my arm with trash polka and other small additions. Rooster sketched out exactly what I wanted

8. Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value
Marcus made it fun and down to earth! He is very detail with his work and made sure the shade was exactly the way I wanted it. Thank you guys i had a great time was a great experience keep it real!
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9. Dakota did an excellent job with my tattoo, very creative and talented. He took his time and made sure I was getting what I wanted. Very pleased with the outcome
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10. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
They were very accommodating and professional! Chandler was very friendly and web above and beyond to help me get my tattoo that day! Marcus did a great job on the tattoo as well! 10/10 would recommend and I will definitely be back!
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