Chislehurst Barbers

Recent Comments Chislehurst Barbers:

1: Perfect cuts from all barbers. Very friendly and attentive. Best in the area by far

2: Great haircut, good value for money. I have used a couple of other barbers in Chislehurst and would definitely recommend that you try this one.

3: Been four times since it opened. Had two hair cuts and four wet shaves. Excellent prices compared to others in the area. The two chaps that run it are nice and friendly and there is a TV to watch Sports or Top Gear in front of you as they cut. They do offer hot or cold drinks while you wait, however not taken them up on that yet.

4: I took my son to this barbers for the first time and the barber did an excellent job of cutting his hair type. So I have to big him up because I would have to go all the way to catford or Sydenham to have it done otherwise.

5: Price reasonable for what you get. Barber was unprofessional asking the kind of cut I wanted to have, I am afraid but that’s not the right way to get new clients. Poor cleanliness and general hygiene in between clients.