Chinese Overseas Sichuan restaurant

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1:Order rice to the “meals” =D the pictures shows 294a, the king prawns, that mostly consisted of dried chilly in oil. not possible to eat. the vegetable wook was only kale! never go there. again.

2:Actually a bit of a let down as I’ve been looking forward to try this place for a long time due to difficulties in parking. Their authentic Sichuan dishes were only average and the portions size were pretty small for the price. But I guess if you are going for the usual Cantonese dishes then the experience might be tad bit better.

3:Purchased two meals from this restaurant. My partners noodles were good. My special fried rice was passable it was very dark with loads of either soya or brown food colouring. This I believed was to cover up the fact that there was barely any meat in the rice. I only ordered from here because Yans Kitchen was closed. I will not be buying from here again

4:This is a regional cuisine Chinese restaurant, as such I wouldn’t bother ordering standard takeaway items. Be brave and try the Sichuan items, it’s a whole new experience. The only thing they could improve on is the decor and ambience. Otherwise the food speaks for themselves.

5:This is an outstanding restaurant, though small but very clean environment and the meal is very tasty and reasonably priced with good and cautious staff.