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1. This is the best Eyebrow threading place around ! When I first moved here six years ago I’ve always looked for and used the Middle Eastern women because they do the BEST, this lady is amazing and her sister works with her as well they can

2. There aren’t many eyebrow threading locations in Greenville. Other than the one at the mall that I’ve heard many complaints about, this is the only other place I could find. Fortunately, they do a great job and it’s become my regular spot. My only wish is that they would open more than 3 days out the week.

3. Between the two ladies that work here, the owner is by far the best artist they have. She takes her time and doesn’t rush to get people in and out the door like the other woman. They’re usually late in opening, which is inconvenient at times. Overall really clean and great service.

4. it was so good!! she left my eyebrows flawless!! 10/10, i will be coming back:)

5. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
Dang! She’s freaking awesome 🤩 I love the service she performed, my eyebrows look so perfect 🤩

6. Positive: Professionalism
I just moved from out of state and needed my eyebrows threaded, and came across Charming Eyes. I called about 30 minutes till close seeing if there was any availability and she got me right in. Not only did she get me in when she could’ve

7. I went there for eyebrow threading. I am satisfied with the job.
Only disappointment was that I had to make a couple of attempts as it is crowded most of the time, so you need to wait for 30 to 45 minutes depending upon how

8. Love coming here because they are pretty fast and the threading doesn’t hurt. Seems the lady who used to thread my brows is no longer there or works different hours. A friend and I have both questioned if we just had our brows done because there was no noticeable difference.

9. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
Hands down the best place to get your threading done! I use to go to another threading studio, but after going to Charming Eyes I could never return there. My brows are always perfect and I don’t have to give a lot of instruction. Rashmi is the best, she definitely knows what she is doing! Give her a try, you want be disappointed.

10. Critical: Professionalism, Quality
I read good reviews about this place so I was hoping they would do a good job. My eyebrows are very important to me as they are to most females. I had let them grow out so they would be good for shaping. When I arrived the lady was on the